Client partnerships should be brand-centric

“Those [agencies] that provide a one-stop shop have the expertise to place the creative idea in the most relevant channels. Increasingly the agencies that make the difference are the ones… that are truly media neutral,” says Elizabeth Fagan, Boots executive marketing director.

Fagan’s view rings true and the agency model certainly needs review. But we’re missing the bigger picture. Regardless of niche or network, it should be the Big Idea that remains firmly in sight.

To ensure the best outcome for Brand, a brand-centric media neutral perspective needs to be your first point of departure. Today’s consumer brand experience is composed of a myriad of touch points and interaction opportunities, be they at a live sports event, on a bus, online shopping – wherever hearts and minds are engaged. But it needs to work in harmony with your brand’s truth. With too much fragmentation of skill sets, there is a conflict of interests and opportunity lost as each communication agency fights their corner.

The solution is integration under the directorship of a lead agency able to engage the most relevant channels that communicate and nurture brand reputation.

And so, the agency 3.0 needs to be a client partnership with a brand-centric media-neutral agency at the helm, staying focused on the Big Idea and the most appropriate way of engaging your consumers.

Dave Brown, UK chairman, The Brand Union


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