Clubbers go loopy for KP’s Hoopy

Far be it from the Diary to admit defeat, but we hold our hands up to KP for turning its Hoopy McHula into a success.

We were certain the crisp packet glove puppet, which stars in the Publicis-created Hoola Hoop ads and was launched with a whopping £14m media spend last year, would go down the tubes.

But when it came to the crunch, Hoopy ran rings round other snack brands. Clubbers in trendy London spots like Passion and the Mezzanine Day Ball have been seen wearing Hoopy imitations made from felt and pipe cleaners.

Good for KP as this might be, the Diary can only commiserate with the sad people who have to resort to using glove puppets to pull in nightclubs. Now where are those pipe cleaners?


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