CNN pushes the right buttons

George Pitcher’s comments (MW September 4) on CNN’s prominence as the premier international news channel come at a time when Europeans have more pan-European and national TV channels to choose from than ever before. I am delighted that in exercising his own freedom of choice he has chosen to watch CNN. As he points out, he is one of many and we are honoured to have him as a viewer.

As Mr Pitcher is kind enough to mention, CNN’s unique blend of the American and European has found a strong international following, which we expect to boost further when we introduce a dedicated European programming schedule later this month, including even more programming produced from and for Europe.

Viewers and advertisers alike are pleased with what we offer. Our current client roster includes prestigious names such as AXA, UBS, Andersen Consulting and IBM, and we look forward to quoting Mr Pitcher to potential advertisers on the power of CNN as a highly-effective advertising platform.

For the record, CNN has 11 different nationalities among its news anchors, and 80 per cent of the programming on its European service is made for an international service as distinct from the US service. An Englishman is responsible for CNN’s international programming, an Italian heads up its European marketing, and this Frenchman spearheads its European advertising businesses.

Not too bad for an “imperialist” company.

Eric Clemenceau

Senior vice-president/ad sales director

Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) Europe

London W1


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