Co-op Travelcare offers ‘carbon offsetting’ at the checkout

Travelcare, The Co-operative Group’s travel agent business, has become the first high-street retailer to offer consumers carbon offsetting at the checkout.

Eco-conscious travellers will be able to counteract the environmental effects of their holiday flights by purchasing the packages, paying a charge in one of eight bands based on distance travelled.

The fee will effectively go towards offsetting, in part or full, the “carbon dioxide cost” of their flight via The Co-op Group’s Climate Care projects. For example, it will cost 3 to fully offset a trip to France or Spain.

Aviation is seen as the fastest-growing source of CO2 emissions. Previously, shoppers could only buy carbon offsetting online.

Paul Kendrick, Travelcare’s head of strategic development, says: “We recognise that more travellers are becoming concerned about the impact their holidays have on the climate. The initiative is a high-street first and makes it easier for people to neutralise the environmental impact of their holiday.”


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