Coach House Media wins £2.5m Guaber

Italian household and personal care company Guaber has appointed Milton Keynes-based Coach House Media to handle its &£2.5m planning and buying in the UK.

The agency pitched against TCS Media for the two-year contract, covering the company’s first above-the-line television and press campaigns. The campaigns will support a raft of new products launching this year in the UK (MW last week).

Guaber, which owns the Bionsen deodorant and Blanx whitening toothpaste brands, plans to use ads in Channel 4’s Desperate Housewives to reach its target market, women aged between 20 and 50 years old.

Norwich-based The Works will create ads for Blanx and Bionsen, to be screened from June.

Guaber is also bringing back household cleaner Vim, after a reformulation and makeover (MW last week), following its acquisition from Unilever last year. Guaber has not yet decided whether Coach House Media will handle the buying and planning for Vim.


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