Coaching develops careers

It was good to read that the talent conversation is taking more of a pivotal stage in the trade press and I wholeheartedly agree with Ruth Mortimer’s comment that it’s “not good enough for just a third of businesses to care about staff defection” (

The scheme run by The Marketing Academy is a great example of providing more coaching with mentoring over a whole year.

However, we also need to instill the ethos within the culture of every company and get the employee to actively seek out fresh ways to improve themselves.

The National Advertising Benevolent Society (NABS) partner card has been devised to provide additional career opportunities such as free talks and mentoring with leaders for those that want it.

This broad industry needs assertive employers and curious individuals keen to improve themselves and provide fresh inspiration, and both The Marketing Academy and the NABS partner card answer this brief.

Zoe Osmond, chief executive, National Advertising Benevolent Society


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