Coca-Cola Journey website brings ‘One Brand’ strategy to life

Coca-Cola has replaced with a new multimedia platform, Coca-Cola Journey, which brings to life the company’s newly-launched “One Brand” strategy through a “digital magazine” rather than a traditional website.

The platform features an interactive Q&A section allowing readers to ask about ingredients, products and the business.

It also offers exclusive content, such as a look at Rita Ora opening a London bar to mark 100 years of Coca-Cola’s contour bottle or a blog post from Jon Woods, general manager of Coca-Cola Great Britain & Ireland, as part of an ongoing pledge by the company to focus on digital storytelling rather than traditional media in order to educate consumers about its brands.

“Journey is the anchor of our digital storytelling strategy, sitting at the heart of our online ecosystem to foster engagement around our brands and our Company,” said Stanislas Magniant, digital communications director of Coca-Cola North West Europe.

“The launch of Journey also gives us the opportunity to shift the way we communicate online,” he adds. “We also want to make our stories more appealing, relevant and engaging to people by using the right multimedia content to bring them to life.”

The platform is the first time the company has showcased its four cola variants, Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Life underneath the Coca-Cola master brand, rather than being marketed as separate brands, as part of the “One Brand” strategy it launched last month.

The strategy comes after consumer research commissioned by the company showed that half of consumers didn’t know Coke Zero has no sugar and no calories, with many unclear about the difference between Coke Zero and Diet Coke.

Bobby Brittain, GB marketing director for Coca-Cola, said: “We currently have four distinct brands which stand alone and are viewed with meaning. That’s one of the reasons why consumers don’t understand the product characteristics of something like Coke Zero.”

In order to tackle this lack of understanding, the website’s “Ask” page will feature the calorie content and ingredients of each of the brand’s variants and will answer questions such as “What is stevia?” and “How much sugar is in a can of Coca-Cola?”

The company will also merge its @CokeZone and @CocaCola_GB Twitter feeds in a move to simplify its communications.



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