Coca-Cola launches fruit-flavoured energy drink

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) is launching a fruit-flavoured variant of energy drink Relentless. The drink, which is being launched in August, will be supported through a £1.7m brand campaign.

The campaign will include advertising, sponsorship and experiential sampling aligned to action sports, motorbike racing and modern rock music.

This year the company is sponsoring a number of athletes including surfers, skaters, snowboarders, wakeboarders, kitesurfers, BMXers and mountain bikers. The brand also sponsors Relentless Suzuki motocross and road racing teams.

Sarah Mitchell, performance controller at CCE, says its research has shown taste is a key factor for consumers when deciding which energy drink to buy.

She adds: “Over the last year, the Canadian energy drink market has grown by 96% and 85% of its incremental growth has come from flavoured energy drinks. We expect a similar pattern to develop in the UK energy drinks sector, led by Relentless Inferno.”


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