Coca-Cola brings Coke, Fanta and Sprite together in a marketing campaign for the first time

Coca-Cola’s summer marketing campaign brings Fanta, Sprite and Dr Pepper together with Coca-Cola for the first time, with an on-pack promotion that offers British consumers the opportunity to win “unforgettable” experiences.

Coca-Cola is launching its first multi-brand campaign in the UK as it looks to boost sales of its sparkling drinks through a marketing and promotional campaign designed to appeal to millenials.

For the first time, the campaign will run across Cola Classic, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Sprite, Fanta and Dr Pepper. It encompasses TV, radio, social media, outdoor and in-store activations and will run throughout the summer.

The TV ad uses the same premise as the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar ad launched at the start of the year, but includes summer scenes such as protagonist Mr Hadley running along the beach. It will finish by promoting Coca-Cola’s on-pack promotions, which this year offers British consumers the opportunity to win “unforgettable” experiences including whale watching in Iceland and a meditation retreat in Italy.

Promotional packs will feature a sun graphic that is inspired by archived Coca-Cola imagery. To win consumers have to enter the codes printed on the promotional packs online, with winners able to choose their activity.

Alec Mellor, marketing manager at Coca-Cola Great Britain, says: “Building on the success of last year’s summer campaign, we’re excited to launch our 2018 promotion and remind people why Coca-Cola makes summer more special.

“We know how important experiences are to our fans and by giving away thousands of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities across our entire portfolio – we hope more people will have the opportunity to try something new this summer.”

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The multimillion pound campaign is a result of research that shows millennials are more willing to spend money on experiences than material items.

Coca-Cola is trying to broaden it’s appeal in the face of declining sales and earlier this year rebranded Diet Coke to appeal to a younger audience with a £10m push that included TV advertising aimed specifically at millennials. Coca-Cola has also pushed into new markets with the launch of products such as Fuze Tea.