Coca-Cola picks up green data

Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company is rolling out a new, web-based platform to collect environmental and health and safety compliance data across 28 countries. The drinks business is working with BSI Management Systems to deploy Entropy, an application specifically architected for corporate and social responsibility tasks.

The company has a strong focus on environmental responsibility and is working with over 200 organisations to pursue sustainability. It publishes an annual CSR report which had previously been put together using standardised spreadsheets. Entropy will enable Coca-Cola Hellenic to improve its reporting efficiency across 80 sites.Dr Gary Brewster, director of quality, audit and compliance for Coca-Cola Hellenic, says: “Entropy Software will help us to assess and control risk, compliance and performance in areas of CSR such as corporate governance, environment, health and safety, quality and supply chain compliance management. It also allows us to capture occupational health & safety incidents, which is another key area of importance.”

Rob Wallis, managing director of BSI in the UK, adds: “With its extensive pan-European country network, the Group’s deployment of Entropy Software will add considerably to the protection of the environment and the health and safety of many thousands of people.”


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