Coca-Cola promises ‘most personalised’ Christmas campaign

Coca-Cola is promising to deliver the most “personalised brand experience” yet in one of its Christmas campaigns with a slew of engagement initiatives the company will be hoping will lift sales at the end of a disappointing year for the soft drinks giant.

The Coke Zone site will host a personalised digital greeting card service that allows video messages to be sent to family and friends, while a festive themed ecommerce platform will sell gifts such as Christmas glass bottles adorned with branded ribbons.

There is also a nod to Share A Coke, with some bottles carrying the name of Santa’s reindeers.

Elsewhere a new TV ad, dubbed ‘Give a Little Happiness’ (see above), which shows people carrying out acts of kindness to the sound of Jimmy Durante singing ‘Make Someone Happy’, will launch later this month. It will be preceded by the annual ‘Holidays are Coming’ ad, which will run from Saturday (8 November).

Bobby Brittain, UK marketing strategy and activation director for Coca-Cola Great Britain, says: “Coca-Cola has a long standing legacy of spreading festive cheer during this season and our much loved campaigns mark the unofficial countdown to Christmas. Our focus on acts of kindness remains true to the values of our Open Happiness global marketing campaign.

“This year our Christmas campaign will serve our fans with a more personalised brand experience than ever before.”

Coke will be hoping for a strong fourth quarter after finding growth hard to come by this year. Its 2013 ‘Share a Coke’ inspired success was not replicated this summer when sales across the portfolio slipped, according to IRI data. Globally, sales are in reverse, falling to $11.98bn in the three months to September from $12bn a year earlier.


Coca Cola Life

Coke Life showing early sales success

Seb Joseph

Coke’s lower calorie variant Coke Life’s brand is showing early signs of success, performing well against established sister brands such as Coke Zero, after heavyweight in-store promotions and a nationwide campaign lifted buzz, according to the latest industry data.


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