Coca-Cola readies social network for staff

Coca-Cola is to introduce social media elements to its online staff engagement programme, one of several global brands looking to social networks to improve internal communications strategies.


The soft drinks giant is to introduce social media functionality to its My KO intranet system, which features daily news, feature length articles and insight in a bid to better connect its 700,000 employees around the world.

Coca-Cola Europe’s internal communications channels manager Louise Kelly says: “It’s a dream come true for a brand like Coca-Cola, where we have employees all over the globe, the digital connection is fantastic for us. It’s definitely an area where lots of exciting things are being developed at the moment”.

Sainsbury’s is also trialling social networks in regions around the UK to help store staff share best practice and keep on top of what is going on in other areas and see if there is a return on investment for the business.

Jacki Connor, the supermarket’s director of colleague engagement, says: “There are so many things going on in their world. They don’t trust the police, politicians or banks and so they feel that they have to have a good relationship with their employees to ensure a sense of security.

“If you know what’s going on in the business, you taste the food and you understand what the campaigns are about you will tell customers about it and customers will see benefits.”

Sainsbury’s, EasyJet and Bacardi have each drawn on user generated video content to involve staff in marketing campaigns. EasyJet used staff holiday photos for its Europe by EasyJet campaign, while Bacardi invited staff to create video content that was posted on the intranet as part of its Bacardi Together activity.

Read more about Coca Cola, Aviva, Sainsbury’s, Ikea and the BBC’s developing internal communications strategies in the 10 November issue of Marketing Week.



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