Coca-Cola: The most dangerous place to make a decision is in the office

Dreamforce 2014: “The most dangerous place to make a decision is in the office,” says Ulrik Nehammer, chief executive of Coca-Cola Germany, who says he now handles most business via his mobile as it allows him to make decisions where customers, suppliers and employees are at exactly the moment that it matters.


Speaking at Dreamforce in San Francisco, he said: “In the past it was bigger companies that out-competed smaller companies – I think that is history. Today the fast companies out-compete the slow companies.”

So for businesses to compete and make an impact he believes there are four things that must be addressed: “We have to get much faster and we have to work on collaboration, connectivity and scalability, and we need to do all of that in a mobile context,” he says.

Coca-Cola is one of the first brands to trial Salesforce’s newly launched Lightning product, which is designed to allow businesses to create purpose ­built apps for all devices.

Talking to Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff during the keynote, Nehammer added: “Customer service is all about being fast. It’s about connecting everything together so everyone can see everything at the same time. When we do that every single interaction we have with the customer can become a wow moment.”

Earlier on Benioff highlighted that 90 per cent of the world’s data was created in the past two years and added that by 2020 there is going to be 10 times more mobile data than there is today.


Coca Cola Life

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