Coca-Cola to rebrand ‘diet’ fizzy drinks

Coca-Cola Great Britain is poised to change the brand names of Diet Fanta and Diet Dr Pepper to Fanta Light and Dr Pepper Light.

The company is also launching a Fanta Icy Lemon Light variant in the UK before the end of the year, which observers believe could be the springboard for the change.

Insiders believe the switch is designed to bring the UK in line with branding across the rest of Europe. However, Diet Coke is expected to retain its name as the company has invested so much in establishing the brand since its launch in 1983.

Coca-Cola spent more than £4m on Diet Coke in the year to June (Nielsen Media Research). The brand is called Coca-Cola Light in France, Belgium and other European countries. Coca-Cola brands Lilt and Sprite already have “light”-branded variants in the UK.

A sales promotion was launched for the Diet Coke brand in August featuring an instant-win, top prize of £100,000. All Diet Coke bottles are coloured silver for the campaign and it has been supported with outdoor and press advertising.


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