Coca-Cola tries to prove it can be part of a balanced diet

Coca-Cola GB has launched an advertising push to try and prove its drinks can be incorporated into a balanced diet as part of ongoing efforts to tackle criticisms it is not doing enough to curb nationwide obesity levels.

The “Grandfather” TV ad airs tomorrow (14 August) and contrasts the lifestyles of older and modern day drinkers to show how eating well and drinking Coke in moderation can be beneficial to healthier living. It is soundtracked to Tom Jones’ “It’s not unusual” and uses the strapline “Live like Grandpa did – Move more, Eat well, Take it Easy”.

A further two ads will launch later in the year alongside activity for Coca-Cola Zero and a push for Coke’s slimmer cans with less calories, which launched earlier this year.

Coke, which was one of the early signatories to the Government’s Responsibility Deal with the food and drink industry, has come under repeated fire from health campaign groups for its perceived lack of effort to tackle the nation’s rising obesity levels. It claims it knows ”advertising alone” will not address the challenge of obesity, but believes it can help by launching wider measures such as the reformulation of Sprite.

It is also working with national sports charity Street Games to strengthen its legacy commitment to improving youth participation with sport beyond the London 2012 Olympic Games


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Charities question credibility of Coke balanced diet ad

Seb Joseph

Health charities have questioned the credibility of a Coca-Cola campaign that tries to prove its drinks can be part of a balanced diet, claiming it is unclear how brands such as the Coke masterbrand and Sprite would help the public lead a healthier lifestyle.


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