Coca-Cola revives clay dolls, Wendy’s throws shade at McDonald’s: International round-up

Plus Heineken aims to narrow generational gap in India and French authorities investigate Nutella brawl.

Coca-Cola revives its clay dolls for Chinese New Year celebrations

Coca-Cola’s famed clay dolls have become a staple in the company’s Chinese New Year campaigns since 2001 and this year is no different, aside from their slightly more modernised and rejuvenated appearance.

The campaign, produced in partnership with McCann Shanghai, shows the clay dolls in a number of different, happy family scenarios, such as causing mischief at the dinner table alongside the slogan “Chinese New Year is sticking together”.

“Chinese audience’s (tend) to be strongly empathetic towards these characters and their cultural significance for Chinese New Year, having been associated with Coca-Cola for nearly 17 years”, Richard Cotton, head of creative excellence and content at Coca-Cola China, says.

Last year’s Chinese New Year campaign saw Coca-Cola hit a record high in terms of volumes.

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Heineken’s new campaign aims to narrow generational gap in India

Heineken’s new campaign titled ‘Generations Apart’ is aimed at inspiring conversations narrowing the generational gap between parents and their children in India, something that is particularly uncommon in the country.

Comedian Rudy Singh stars in the new social experiment, where he explains that children are often pushed toward a particular career choice. He encourages parents to actually sit down and have a conversation with their kids.

Singh says he originally pursued a career as an engineer because it was his father’s choice before setting his sights on stand-up comedy.

His father also features in the campaign and can be seen chatting and enjoying a beer with his son.

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France to investigate ‘Nutella brawl’

French authorities plan to crackdown on the way in which goods are promoted following the Nutella offer that sparked mini-riots at a number of supermarkets across the country.

France’s consumer fraud agency, DGCCRF, is now investigating the promotion by Intermarché which offered a 70% discount on the popular spread meaning the cost of a 950g jar was slashed to just €1.42 (£1.24) pounds.

Videos of manic shoppers clambering over each other in a bid to get their hands on the discounted Nutella jars have been shared thousands of times across a number of social media platforms.

Ferrero, Nutella’s maker, says it had nothing to do with the promotion.

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Vodafone reveals major partnership with Sydney’s Mardi Gras

Vodafone is signing on as a major partner of Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (SGLMG) for 2018.

Last year, the mobile phone-giant launched an employee-led internal initiative called ‘Connect’ designed to celebrate equality and individuality and has been a strong supporter of the Australian Marriage Equality campaign.

“Vodafone’s continual encouragement to support an open, collaborative and inclusive environment in the workplace, as well as their support for the wider LGBTIQ community makes us proud to announce Vodafone as our new major partner for Mardi Gras’ 40th anniversary year,” SGLMG CEO Terese Casu says.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of SGLMG.

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Wendy’s throws shade at McDonald’s ‘frozen beef’ in Super Bowl ad

Wendy’s has taken aim at one of its biggest competitors, McDonald’s, by mocking the fast-food giant’s so-called “flash frozen” burgers via two TV ad campaigns.

Not only that, but Wendy’s intends to take the feud to the US ad world’s biggest moment, the Super Bowl.

Despite McDonald’s aiming to introduce fresh beef patties across the US this year, Wendy’s has called out its rival for using frozen beef patties while highlighting that its company has been using fresh beef in its burgers for years.

Wendy’s, also known for its tongue-in-cheek approach to social media, will take direct aim at McDonald’s through a 30-second ad that is scheduled to air during the first quarter.

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