Coffee brand adds fuel to THINK! drive

The Department for Transport has endorsed energy coffee brand Rocket Fuel as a partner in its high-profile nationwide driver tiredness campaign THINK!.

A national promotion launched later this month will see the coffee drink brand, owned by Food Brands Group, undertake a massive sampling campaign in forecourts of supermarket chains, independents and service stations throughout the UK.

On-pack promotions and point-of-sale material will also feature the driver tiredness message alongside national print, press, radio and television campaigns to drive customers into stores.

The activity, leading up to the August Bank Holiday, supports the Government’s THINK! Driver Tiredness campaign, which recommends that tired drivers stop and refuel with two cups of coffee.

Edward Chapman, brand marketing director of Rocket Fuel, says: “Research recommends a minimum of 150mg of caffeine to help wake up drivers effectively, but one powershot of Rocket Fuel contains 170mg of caffeine.”

Government research shows that falling asleep at the wheel accounts for up to 20 per cent of crashes on motorways and one in ten of all crashes on UK roads.


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