Coffee brand Douwe Egberts to sponsor C4’s Frasier show

Coffee brand Douwe Egberts is to sponsor the comedy programme Frasier, the second Channel 4 show it has associated itself with in a month.

The upmarket brand, owned by Sara Lee, will sponsor the last nine episodes of the US comedy, beginning this Friday. The deal is understood to be worth 350,000.

Earlier this month, Douwe Egberts announced its sponsorship of the channel’s 12-part drama, A Dance to the Music of Time. That deal is for a similar figure.

Douwe Egberts head of marketing Nichola Schwarz says: “We have moved to TV sponsorship as a media strategy. We feel we can drive awareness and build brand values on the back of this.” She says she will continue to look for other shows for the brand to sponsor.

Channel 4 head of sponsorship David Charlesworth adds: “Frasier is a strategic fit for the brand. A large part of the action takes place in a coffee house that the characters meet in. It’s an intelligent comedy with an ABC1 audience.”

Lever Brothers’ Persil brand is to sponsor the new series of ER on BSkyB’s Sky One channel when it begins its fourth series later this week. The series runs for 22 episodes.


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