COI in hunt for agencies with brand expertise

The Central Office of Information is to draw up a roster of branding consultancies which will advise government departments on how to improve their images.

The new roster, which will be finalised in September, is likely to comprise 12 agencies with branding expertise.

A COI spokesman says the move comes in response to requests from departments for advice on how to brand their services. But he declines to comment on whether this could mean departments completely rebranding themselves.

The COI has issued a tender through the Official Journal of the European Community requesting applications from agencies “with expertise in naming, branding, positioning, brand identity, strategic marketing, corporate image and identity implementation”. It says the agencies will be employed for five years.

There are nine COI rosters, including one for advertising agencies and another for direct marketing. Others include merchandising and media evaluation.

The government information body is also drawing up a roster of agencies which can advise on television sponsorships for government departments. One idea is to launch a game show funded by the Army (MW February 4).

The COI’s latest annual report reveals the Ministry of Defence as its biggest advertiser, with a spend of nearly &£30m, compared with &£15m for the Department for Education and Employment, the next highest spender.

The COI is headed by former Holsten marketer Carol Fisher, appointed at the beginning of this year, as a successor to Tony Douglas.


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