COI reviews and restructures market research roster

COIThe COI is reviewing and restructuring its market research roster of agencies following the passing of a European Union directive. Changes to the existing framework will see the creation of sub-groups within the wider agency roster.

The current framework, worth over £22m per annum, was established in 2005 and has an expiration date of a maximum of four years.

The COI is now reviewing its roster and creating what it calls “lots and labels”.

This will mean that rather than having one single market research roster, there will be sub-groups of agencies formed within the overarching roster.

Each sub-group will specialise in five different research areas. These will be qualitative research; quantitative research; omnibus; deliberative engagement; and desk research.

The new structure is aimed at allowing agencies to compete for government and public sector work without going through a lengthy procurement process for each piece of business.

The framework review is expected to be completed by April 1, 2009.


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