Coke extends names on bottles to everyone

Coca-Cola is launching an experiential tour that will allow everyone to have a personalised bottle with their name on it, no matter how unusual.

Coca Cola Share A Coke

In the latest phase of the Share a Coke campaign, the brand will tour the country offering an on-site printing service through kiosks and vending machines offering a free personalised bottle of Coca-Cola, Coke Zero or Diet Coke.

To ward off potential abuse of the initiative, the brand has put in place a system to avoid names or slogans that will “cause offence to any individual or group”. Available names will come from a database and proof of ID may be required for any names not recognised.

The tour will visit 70 locations, including theme parks, cinemas and Tesco stores, over the summer and a full schedule can be found on Coke’s site.

The experiential activity will be supported by an edited version of Coke’s TV ad, press ads, and a partnership with musician Conor Maynard who is hosting a live performance being streamed via Google Hangouts.

Comments from Facebook and Twitter about the campaign have also been collated to create a series of digital billboard ads that will run throughout July.

Coke claims more than 120,000 tweets have already been sent about the personalised bottles as consumers share images.

Coca-Cola announced last month an additional 100 names including Rosie, Ruth, Ronan and Russell, were being added to the list of names already appearing on bottles.

Jon Woods, general manager for Coca-Cola Great Britain and Ireland, says: “This summer’s Share a Coke campaign sparked the nation’s imagination. We’ve already seen thousands of people engaging with it; sharing their bottles online or tweeting their excitement when they find a bottle with the name of a friend or loved one on it. We are delighted to be able to now take this campaign on the road so that everyone can have the opportunity to create a personalised bottle of Coke with their best friend or family member’s name on it.”