Coke picture is clouded by uk scene

Own-label challengers are hitting Coca-Cola far harder than rival Pepsi cola in the UK.

Figures exclusive to Marketing Week show that while Pepsi’s figures have remained fairly stable since a host of private label launches over the past year, Coke’s have slumped.

The research, carried out by Nielsen, shows that between August 1993 to December 1994 Coke’s total market by value dropped from 64 per cent to 57.3 per cent.

Pepsi’s share of the market fell only 1.6 per cent from 23.7 per cent. The figures, which represent the total grocer’s market showed Coke’s volume had also slumped by UK scene5.9 per cent to 49 per cent.

Coke played down the figures, saying they accounted for just 30 per cent of its UK market – failing to take the impulse and on-premise sectors into account. UK volumes have risen overall, says the company.

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