Coke plots ‘Sprite with ice’ with help of new technology


Coca-Cola is considering the launch of revolutionary new packaging that will create ice inside a soft drink when it is opened. It is understood it is planning to use the technology to launch a “super cold” variant of Sprite that aims to extend its appeal to the urban youth.

The new drink will be called Sprite Super Chilled and it could be launched in the UK as early as next year. Coke hopes the drink will tap into the trend for super cold alcoholic drinks, particularly beers.

According to industry sources, the bottled drink has to be stored in a purpose-built, developed vending machine that keeps the drink at a certain temperature. When it is purchased, the consumer twists the bottle, which triggers a mechanism inside that creates ice made from the drink, so it is not diluted.

It is understood that if Sprite Super Chilled proves successful, Coke plans to introduce the technology across its carbonated portfolio, such as Coke and Diet Coke. The move is the latest attempt by Coke to diversify and create new categories.

It comes as Coke axes energy drink Sprite 3G. The energy drink failed to make an impact with UK consumers and was axed less than two years following its launch (MW August 2).

Coke’s efforts to move into new categories have, for the most part, concentrated on moving into functional and healthier offerings.

It recently acquired a number of functional products, such as Vitaminenergy and Vitaminwater, as part of its $4.2bn (£2.1bn) purchase of Glaceau.

In the UK, Coke is launching Diet Coke Plus in October. The drink is an energy variant of the company’s flagship Diet Coke brand.


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