Coke refutes Fanta pesticide claims

Coca-Cola has moved to quash safety concerns about its Fanta brand after research found that the drink contains high levels of pesticides. Research by the University of Jaen in Spain found the orange and lemon variants sold in the UK contained up to 300 time more pesticides than tap water.

A Coke GB spokesman says that all of the drinks tested meet the safety regulations relating to food products made from agricultural ingredients, which includes drinks containing fruit juice.

The spokesman says: “These regulations were recently reaffirmed after a thorough review of the latest science, and there is no need to consider changing them. The generally miniscule levels that were detected were well within the acceptable daily intake (ADI) levels and these findings should reassure consumers there is no safety issue here.”

The pesticides identified in the study included imazalil, thiabendazole and carbendazim. They are primarily used on fruit after harvest to prevent rotting and the growth of fungus.


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