Coke revives Vanilla brand after six year absence

Coca-Cola is relaunching its Vanilla brand six years after it was pulled from shelves as it looks to stimulate overall sales of its brand portfolio.

Coke’s Vanilla variant returns with revamped branding following requests from social media fans.

The brand has been updated with new packaging and is on limited release across the UK. Coke plans to make the drink more widely available if it sells well during its first few months.

It is launching print, outdoor and in-store promotions to drive awareness alongside a social media push. The company claims the “noticeable” demand from fans for Vanilla Coke’s return in recent months led to the decision to bring back the brand. Comments left on social media sites will be used in the online marketing push for the drink.

The brand will adopt similar messaging to that used in the 2003 launch actvity, positioning the drink as a reward for both men and women.

Zoe Howorth, Marketing Director for Coca-Cola Great Britain says: “There has been huge consumer demand for the return of Vanilla Coke so we were really excited about bringing back the variant to the Coca-Cola family. It’s the product that consumers ask us to re-introduce most frequently and we’re excited to be able to do so, whilst marking the tenth anniversary of flavours.”

Coke claims the brand was the best-selling Coke-flavoured variant of the noughties over Cherry, Lime and Lemon when it was pulled in 2006. Reports at the time, however, claimed it was axed, along with Vanilla Diet Coke, due to poor sales.

The drinks maker will be hoping the launch can boost slowing sales of all Coke variants, which increased just 0.8 per cent to £1.15bn last year, compared with a 7 per cent uplift the previous year, according to Britvic’s Soft Drinks report.

Vanilla Coke is one of several brands including Golden Wonder, Kestrel lager and Polaroid staging comebacks this year.



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