Coke sets sights far and wide

Coca-Cola this week starts its nationwide sampling blitz, in which it will give away more than 1 million ice-cold bottles of Coke – just in case you don’t know what the sickly sweet brown stuff tastes like.

But, I hear you ask, what will happen to all those classic contour bottles? Will they, like soft drink cans, be flung in every gutter from Land’s End to John O’Groats?

Don’t you believe it, because those nice people at Coke have arranged for all 1 million to be collected and recycled by the UK’s largest bottle maker, Rockware Glass.

How the Coke litter teams will know where to look for the far-flung bottles is a mystery. The chances of this laudable goal being achieved is about as likely as Euan Blair being marched to the cash point to pay an on-the-spot lager-lout fine.Coca-Cola: Chance of it recycling 1 million giveaway bottles is slim.


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