Coke sorry for Greece Olympic blunder

Coca-Cola has issued an apology to Greece after it deleted the country from a map displayed at the Olympic Park during London 2012.


The map, which was displayed at Pin Trading Centres at the Olympic Park and Hyde Park, also omitted several countries including Turkey where the drink’s business chief executive Muhtar Kent is from.

It was the map’s exclusion of Greece, the birthplace of the Games, that Coke said it was particularly regretful of, adding that despite the mistake it “appreciates the importance and contribution of the country to the event.”

Coke replaced the map, which showed simplified versions of countries and continents of the world, at the weekend (18 August) with a more accurate version.

It marks the latest in a string of events so far this year that the company has been forced to protect its brand over its involvement with the London 2012 Games. The company’s sponsorship of the London 2012 Games has been questioned by some healthy experts as well as the International Olympic Committee’s president Jacques Rogge over its ties to an event closely associated with a healthy lifestyle. Last month, the company launched its latest effort to ward off the criticisms with a series of press adverts highlighting its health credentials.



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