Coke’s top UK marketer Howorth steps down

Coca-Cola Great Britain and Ireland’s top marketer Zoe Howorth has announced she is to step away from the company as it prepares to embark on its “biggest ever” summer campaign.

Coca Cola Share A Coke

Howorth is taking a year’s sabbatical from her marketing director role in June to spend time with her family.

Coca-Cola is currently recruiting for a replacement for Howorth but could not confirm whether this would be on an interim or permanent basis or whether they were searching for an internal or external candidate.

Howorth joined Coca-Cola in 1998 as brand manager for Sprite and was appointed to her current role in 2010 where she is responsible for all Coca-Cola’s brands in the region.

She joined WACL (Women in Advertising and Communications) last year as an executive member and is responsible for the Future Leaders Fund, which invests in up to 90 per cent of a young female marketers’ training to help them build future skills.

Before joining Coca-Cola, Zoe began her marketing career at P&G.

She will leave Coca-Cola in the height of its “biggest ever” summer campaign, which will see the company replace its on-pack branding with 150 of the UK’s most popular names across 100 million packs in the region.