Cold feet cure for sleeping giants

Bond villains Tee Hee and Jaws, Bible villain Goliath, the 50ft Woman, Jack’s beanstalk giant… Is it any wonder that tall people throughout history have had bad attitudes, when they constantly have to sleep curled up or suffer the discomfort of a sharp temperature gradient where their beanpole frame sticks out of the bedclothes.

Thank goodness for Yorkshire bedding company John Cotton, then. If the UK’s leading manufacturer of duvets and pillows has its way, the future will be a safer place for us all, and, instead of killing plucky heroes, tall people will spend their days happily reaching down books and telling us what the weather’s like up there.

It’s all thanks to the company’s new 10ft “Big Boy” duvet, modelled here by Hussain Bisad, the world’s tallest man, who will never wake up with frostbitten ankles again. Now all we need is something to calm down shape-shifting aliens and Donald Rumsfeld.


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