Combat terror in the workplace

Do your leadership skills need improving? If so, don’t bother paintballing or running over hot coals, go direct to the Israeli Defence Force for a course offering “all the benefits of national service in a long weekend”.

Edenbridge Adventure Training takes parties of UK business people to the Israeli Dani-Hi counter-terrorism compound for four days of “leadership experience”, courtesy of elite Israeli army officers.

The “training” includes the Krav Maga Israeli system of face-to-face combat, self-defence and weapons training.

The Edenbridge brochure enthuses: “The effect of holding [an automatic weapon] is awesome. To feel the adrenaline rush of live fire is another thing entirely.” The Diary can just picture mousey office workers returning to their desks dressed as Sly Stallone, Uzi in hand.

The jolly affair ends with a “real” hostage situation but – rest assured folks – Edenbridge says: “The site is well away from any politically sensitive areas, and very safe.”


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