Come to the aid of the party

What have you done in the past 15 years?

What have you done in the past 15 years? Worked with Marketing Impact as a client or supplier? If so, the company wants you to get in touch to help it celebrate 15 years in business “in style”. According to director Steve Davidson, the celebration will be “more than a pint and a pie down the pub”, which is worrying, as that’s exactly what the Diary’s idea of style is. Anyone wishing to attend the celebrations should contact Marketing Impact on 020 8399 7400, or e-mail


Lucky break

Marketing Week

MG is to be resurrected with the help of its Chinese buyer and GB Sports. But should they be thinking beyond the sports league? asks Robert Lester

The middle-men must steer a straight path

Marketing Week

In response to your recent article “What role do agency intermediaries play?” (MW July 21), I think that the comment “whether brokers provide impartial… expertise is debatable” has a certain degree of truth to it. While the AAR, Haystack, Creative Brief and, indeed, the MCCA, have agencies “on their books”, it could be argued that […]


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