Comic Relief uses AR to turn pin badges into Harry Hill’s head

Comic Relief has teamed up with augmented reality platform Taggar in a move that will see its consumer Red Nose Day pin badges transform into a talking head of comedian Harry Hill.

Using the Taggar app’s image recognition technology, Red Nose Day supporters can scan their pin badge via the smartphone app.

The pin badge will then come to life as a talking head of Harry Hill, which will crack jokes and give a different daily introduction to a classic Comic Relief moment.

The Taggar app will also provide a ‘make your face funny for money’ service, where users can utilise a range of comedy virtual props – such as wigs, moustaches and, of course, a red nose – for a selfie, which can then be shared on social networks alongside a £1 donation to Comic Relief.

“Comic Relief have long been a pioneer of fundraising in innovative ways,” says Taggar’ co-founder Charlotte Golunski. “With our augmented reality technology it can make its physical products come alive with amazing digital content.”

The move marks the first time Comic Relief has used augmented reality to boost donations. Marketing Week understands it plans to continue to use the technology to interact with donators over the coming years.



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