Commercial radio listening falls

Commercial radio has seen its share of listening slip for the last quarter, according to the latest listening figures. Reported by Rajar this morning (January 29). The fall is a reverse on the gains made over the past year.

The commercial sector’s share of listening has dropped to 42.2% for the fourth quarter, down from 43.1% in the third quarter.

The BBC increased its leading status with a 55.7% share of listening, up from 54.9% last quarter. It also increased its share of the 15-44-year-old demographic marginally, up from 44%t to 44.8%.

Commercial radio saw its group loosened on this demographic, falling from 53.5% to 52.8%.

All national commercial radio’s share of listening fell from 11% to 10.6% quarter on quarter and all local commercial share fell from 32% to 31.6%.

But BBC Radio 2, the leading radio channel, saw a quarter on quarter share drop from 16% to 15.8% following the Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross scandal.


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