Commercial radios share of listening still falling

RAJARS: Commercial radio has seen its share of listening drop for the past quarter to 41.6%, according to latest Rajar results.

The commercial sector’s share of listening is up slightly year-on-year from 41.1% in Q1 2008 but has fallen from the 42.2% registered last quarter, itself a fall from 43.1% Q3 in 2008.

The BBC has strengthened its majority share of listening to 56.3%, up from 55.7% last quarter.

All national commercial radio’s share of listening fell from 10.6% in Q4 to 10.2% while all local commercial share dropped from 31.6% to 31.3%

The figures will give added impetus to the proposals to boost digital take up being formulated by the newly created BBC and commercial radio partnership The Radio Council. Commercial radio has long found its ability to compete with the BBC on developing new digital initiatives hampered by funding issues.

The council was unveiled last month and is initially made up of the BBC, Global Radio, Bauer Radio and GMG, together with the RadioCentre. The council has prioritised a number of cross-sector digital projects, including an online live radio player streaming all UK radio in one place.


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