Common sense staff training

Having read the full Learning Curve feature (MW November 16) in which Mike Bowen, Ian Millner and myself were interviewed, I think there are two key points that didn’t come across but that are nonetheless important.

As Mike Bowen pointed out, people management skills are critical in such a people-based industry but it is not down to the industry to teach these.

There are plenty of general human resources training companies that can cover this, tailormaking their content to the individual company’s requirements.

And secondly, with such a broad range of techniques that the industry now covers we cannot expect all our staff to be experts in all areas. The key is to ensure a system of knowledge sharing between your individual experts. Thereby, the manager who has developed a viral marketing campaign via mobile phone messaging will be the right person to help other account teams and brands to develop this form of activity.

When it comes to teaching promotional marketing today, flexibility and common sense still need to prevail.

Peter de Wesselow


Dynamo Marketing

London W6


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