Communicating by experience

With reference to your “Story lines” special report (MW April 6), consumer exhibitions are not the only events on which experience-led solutions are making a big impact.

Across the spectrum of face-to-face business communications, we’re seeing a concerted move away from the traditional “let me talk at you” sessions towards events packed with activity, which engage audiences through stimulating interactive sessions. This is not a new phenomenon – it’s something which has been taking place for some years, and is gathering pace all the time.

The reason is simple. Interactivity has become part of our lives – watching television in the privacy of your own home is no longer the passive experience that it was – and expectations of visual communication are changing accordingly.

Effective business communication is not just about making sure messages are received, it is also about knowing they are believed. Winning hearts and minds cannot be achieved through a series of lectures – the experience counts for everything. Companies which haven’t yet accepted this side-effect of the communications revolution will need to change their ways soon.

Duncan Beale

Managing director

Line Up Communications

London W12


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