Commuters to be served digital ads based on proximity to outdoor media

The capital’s commuters will be served with digital ads promoting tickets for the Billy Elliot the Musical based on the likelihood of them seeing an outdoor ad for the show on their journeys.


The West End show is piloting the newly launched Zone Digital media planning tool, developed Joule and Kinetic, that aggregates existing outdoor planning data from research body Route and mobile data such as customer behaviour and demographics to target people more effectively by proximity.

Ads for the musical are served to people’s digital devices based on how likely they are to come into contact with an ad on their journey, a first for the advertising industry according to the tool’s creators.

It means people travelling within specific geo-fenced locations and routes where OOH advertising is running will be served with mobile banners and expandable ads for the tickets, rather than more intruding SMS and pop-up messages.

International entertainment marketing agency AKA is hoping the tool improves the effectiveness of the outdoor ads beyond a given proximity. While targeted promotions will not be served to Londoners within the same journey, the company will use the insight to identify better activation locations and more engaging creative to make its outdoor advertising more accountable. 

AKA joins a growing list of advertisers looking to leverage footfall data in urban areas to increase the efficiency of their media plans. Marketers rarely have the opportunity to overlay their outdoor data over digital campaign plans currently due to a lack of solutions available in the market. There is, however, a growing push from outdoor media firms such as Kinetic and Posterscope to provide more insight.

Weve, the joint venture company comprising of the UK’s largest mobile operators, is working with out-of-home media companies to help brands better understand how mobile media can be used to enhance their outdoor campaigns.



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