Company’s name search finds there is just one living Christ

Now, the Diary would never claim that research provides anything other than vital insights into the modern world, but it did wonder why anyone would come up with the idea of analysing the first names of the nation’s workforce – until it saw the results.

The dedicated team at data resource specialist Marketing Improvements (MI) trawled through 3.5 million records on B2B databases and made some startling discoveries, which the Diary is proud to be able to pass on to you.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the MI team, the Diary can confirm that there are not many people called Christ. They only came across one in their records. Sadly, we do not know his job title.

And if your name is Jesus Angel, Port, Moo or Yogi, take a bow – you are unique, you do not share your name with anyone else on the database.

The survey also found that there is also only one man called Horse (although there is presumably more than one Richard Harris).

And although the festive season is now sadly over, the research came across one Star, three Kings, 299 Josephs and 202 Marys. Unfortunately for the nativity theme, no Donkeys could be found.

Perhaps even more stunning is the revelation that if your parents named you John, then you share your name with 4,080 IT managers.

And the actual reason for the research? Illustrating the fact that incorrect names and job titles are an irritant for people receiving direct mail. Although presumably Christ would forgive you if you made an error.


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