Confectionary company invites consumers to create ads

The Natural Confectionery Company (TNCC) is inviting consumers to create their own digital advertising campaigns for the brand. It is launching an online movie-maker tool this week.

The tool will allow users to create their own action, horror or romance films by responding to the questions on the website. It will also feature a Halloween Machine towards the end of this month to bring “creativity and mischief” to its marketing. It will be supported by a banner campaign.

The movie-maker, website and campaign has been created by integrated agency Weapon7. The agency as also created a series of idents called “Packet Life” that will describe what it is like inside a packet of sweets. It will appear on video-on-demand platforms.

Meanwhile, a separate digital campaign will be launched to encourage more customers take up its free sweet sample offer. TNCC launched the free sweet mail campaign in September.

TNCC’s products include Jelly Snakes, Jelly Dinosaurs and Forbidden Fruit and a sour category of Sour Squirms and Unbearables.


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