Conservative Party attacks PM in ad blitz

The Conservative Party is ramping up its campaign efforts with a series of posters attacking Prime Minister Gordon Brown, while Labour has taken the unusual step of asking supporters to create its new advertisement.

The Conservative Party campaign
The Conservative Party campaign

The Tories have rolled out 800 outdoor advertisements featuring a smiling PM alongside text such as: “I took billions from pensions – vote for me”, “I let out 80,000 criminals early – vote for me” and “I increased the gap between rich and poor – vote for me”.

Meanwhile, the Labour Party is asking voters to suggest ideas for its planned poster campaign. One possible ad featured on the Party’s website shows a picture of the Prime Minister next to the line: “Building a foundation”, while the caption next to Tory Party leader David Cameron reads: “Wearing it”.

The ad is a reference to allegations that a recent poster campaign featuring Cameron was airbrushed.

The Tories have launched several high-profile outdoor campaigns this year as they look to build support ahead of the May poll but Labour, shackled by a lack of funds in comparison to the Tories, has concentrated its efforts on direct marketing.

The advertising blitz comes a week after it emerged that the Tories have appointed M&C Saatchi to handle their advertising alongside lead agency Euro RSCG.

M&C Saatchi was founded by the Saatchi brothers who created the famous “Labour isn’t working” campaign that was said to have contributed to Margaret Thatcher’s 1979 poll win over Labour.

The brothers were also behind the “Labour’s tax bombshell” campaign that helped swing the 1992 election in favour of the Conservatives.


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