Conservatives position as empowering party

The Conservative Party is expected to position itself as the party that empowers people when it unveils its general election manifesto later today (13 April).

David Cameron
David Cameron

Tory leader David Cameron will introduce its “invitation to join the government of Britain”, a 130-page manifesto that the party hopes will win over voters in the final two weeks of the campaign in South London.

Cameron will vow to reduce the role of Government and hand people more power. Pledges are expected to include measures to allow people to setup their own schools, giving community groups the “right to buy” local pubs and post offices, and the ability to sack MPs.

In the foreword, Cameron says that “collective strength will overpower our problems”.

The Party has previously signalled its intention to include people in policy discussions through crowdsourcing initiatives that asked supporters to pick holes in Labour plans.

Labour unveiled its “A future fair for all” manifesto yesterday. Labour is positioning itself as the party to guide the country out of the recession. A party political broadcast aired last night that questioned the Conservative front bench’s lack of experience.


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