Consultancy creates B2B community

A global consultancy has created an email-driven community of C-level executives active in 32 markets. Accenture has appointed CreatorMail to deliver its marketing messages to 750 senior decision makers around the world.

The electronic marketing programme will deliver news, roundtable and events information for seminars in major locations. The outsourced email services provider will work with Accenture across Europe to keep in contact with the virtual community of business experts.

Mark Brennan, managing director, CreatorMail, says: “Our service has introduced an automated, fast and securely-managed process, allowing swift co-ordination of activities and content delivery. This ensures that senior decision makers are able to discuss their viewpoints with others and share vital information. As a marketing exercise, it encourages brand loyalty and is instrumental in developing consultancy services within existing and new client organisations around the world that are dealing with issues such as procurement, supply chain and financial services.”

The programme uses dynamic content management and targeting to provide daily information about forthcoming activities to members. Roundtable subjects to which executives are invited cover subjects such as purchasing decisions, future planning and the global credit crunch.



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