Consumer goods giant ramps up research with SPSS

One of the biggest names in branded consumer goods is looking to harness the “voice of the customer” through an expanded use of SPSS Predictive Analytics. Procter & Gamble is looking to gather and analyse customer feedback, attitudes and preferences using the software, which it has deployed in the toothpaste-to-nappies business for a decade.

Patrick Hogan, consumer research solutions manager for global business services at P&G, says: “We believe that high-quality, focused market research is an indispensable tool in the successful development and marketing of our consumer products. SPSS Predictive Analytics Software is instrumental in our understanding of how consumers think about and interact with our products, how they make purchase decisions, and how they respond to new ideas.”

Using PASW Data Collection (formerly called Dimensions), the company will produce and distribute surveys to consumers, driving rapid feedback for analysis. The application provides an open, scalable and customisable solution for multi-channel research and reporting. Statistics, Modelling (formerlly called Clementine) and Collaboration and Deployment Services (formerly called Predictive Enterprise Services) are also in use for data capture and transformation into insights.

“SPSS has enabled P&G to improve on and execute our research with consistent standards, quality and comparability across the globe. Using Predictive Analytics Software, our organisation has made strides in effectively promoting brands, resulting in considerable savings to our organization and value to our consumer,” says Hogan.



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