Watch: How to do consumer research in a crisis

As coronavirus causes shifts in consumer behaviour, we explore how brands can adapt to the opportunities and challenges of consumer research.

As the Covid-19 pandemic worsens, consumer behaviour has been forced to change, while attitudes and expectations have shifted. For brands, customers have different needs and are arguably more ‘in the moment’ than they ever have been.

That makes the job of doing research and uncovering meaningful insights even more challenging than usual.

As part of The Lowdown – a series of regular updates on tackling the challenges of the coronavirus crisis – Marketing Week editor Russell Parsons speaks to Marketing Week columnist Helen Edwards, as well as Pranay Jeyachandran of Incite Marketing Planning and Lucy Banister of The Nursery Research & Planning. They discuss the challenges and opportunities, as well as how methodologies, tools and techniques might need to change..

You can listen to the discussion above. And find out about future sessions from The Lowdown here.

the lowdown on coronavirus and marketing