Consumers cut back on water brand consumption

waterAlmost 65% of those who responded to’s poll last week have cut back on buying branded bottled water. asked: “Have you cut back your consumption of branded bottled water?” The poll found that only about 35% of respondents are still maintaining the same consumption levels of bottled water.

The bottled water industry is experiencing a downturn and contributing factors include a heightened sense of the environmental issues surrounding bottled water among consumers together with the perceived expense of many bottled water brands.

The sector is also under attack from the resurgent cola and stimulant drinks categories, which both enjoyed strong sales growth last year.

The bottled water industry’s lobby group, the Natural Hydration Council, is trying to turn consumer debate away from the sustainability argument of using tap water to the benefits of bottled water versus sugary soft drinks.

The NHC, formed by Nestl頗aters, Danone Waters and Highland Spring, this week launched its first ad campaign in a bid to promote the benefits of water and hydration.

It will hope to reverse its fortunes from last year when sales of bottled water in the take-home market fell by 9% to 417m, according to Nielsen. In terms of volume, it fell 8% to 978m.

In contrast, Nielsen data reveals that take-home sales for the cola category rose 4% to 1.29bn, while sales for glucose and stimulant drinks, such as Red Bull and Lucozade, rose 12% to 522m.


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