Consumers may oppose plastic bag charges

Consumers are opposed to a “nanny state” approach the use of plastic bags, according to research company, Ipsos Mori, and they may oppose legislation forcing retailers to charge for plastic shopping.

The research, published today, found that 57% of the population agree that it is right for retailers to charge for bags but 52% feel they should be able to make up their own minds about the issue rather than being forced.

It also found that more than a third, 35%, of people polled believe it would be wrong for the government to ban retailers from giving bags away free. Londoners are most against paying for shopping bags although more than half of the respondents, 54%, would rather bring their own bag than pay.

Global shopper and retail research president Gill Aitchison says: “Our findings indicate that although people pretty much accept the concept of being charged for carrier bags, they don’t appreciate being forced to accept this either by retailers or the Government.”


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