Nespresso: Consumers are ‘misinformed’ on recycling

Nespresso says it still has a job to do when it comes to educating consumers on recycling its products, as it launches its latest ad starring George Clooney.

Nespresso has admitted that as part of its sustainability efforts it needs to speak to “misinformed” consumers about recycling, as it airs its latest ad with George Clooney.

The coffee brand has previously faced negative headlines around its single-serve aluminim pods, which have been accused of creating unnecessary waste.

The brand’s head of marketing Julie Gallacher tells Marketing Week that Nespresso has “strong ambitions” on sustainability, but that many consumers currently don’t understand that its products are recyclable.

“We offer a recycling service, as our pods are made out of aluminum,” she says.

“People can either order free recycling bags online, which we will then collect, or they can drop them off at 6,000 collection points. Consumers are misinformed, but that said we are driving increased awareness among consumers to use our [recycling] service more.”

Nespresso is launching a new campaign today (25 September), which once again features brand ambassador George Clooney. The ad sees Clooney visit the UK and flirt with a lady over coffee, only to be reprimanded by her husband.

Besides launching on TV, the brand will also use its social media channels to drive people to its website, where people can take a test to find out which character they are most like in the TV ad.

For the ad, Gallacher said the brand wanted to raise “the bar on drama”.

“The production is very Hollywood style. The fact it was shot on London’s Regent Street also helps us build momentum.”

Julie Gallacher, head of marketing, Nespresso

The Hollywood star started working with Nespresso 10 years ago, but Gallacher says the actor “still drives interest”.

She concludes: “We’re not concerned that his popularity is waning. People still love George Clooney; we always get a positive response on social media after we air new ads. He creates great cut-through.”



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  1. Anoushka Shah 29 Sep 2016

    I’ve tried to use the recycling service – we had left the bag out as instructed on the specified day. No one bothered to show up to collect it. We re-arranged it and same again. I will try the service again as we have a machine at work – it’s a horrible amount of waste.

  2. Claudio Aspe Von Fach 30 Sep 2016

    What else?

  3. lisa walklin 3 Oct 2016

    I had the same experience as Anoushka, booked the online pick-up service thought it was a great idea that pods are collected and recycled. There has been a lot in the press about how bad the pods are for the environment when put into general waste, but no one came to pick them up, I left them outside for a week despite being told they would be collected within a couple of days. My new coffee order turned up pronto though!

  4. There is no pickup. The consumer brings these filled bags with pre-paid shipping to any UPS retail access point for shipping. (drop box, UPS Store, Authorized Shipping outlet, etc.)

  5. Pete Austin 12 Sep 2017

    Re Nespresso pods and recycling. Nespresso pods take “150 to 500 years for aluminium and plastic capsules to breakdown in landfill”.

    What’s the problem? 500 years is a blink of an eye to the Earth.

    Some houses are being built near where I live and they discovered a Roman site from 2,000 years ago. People had lived there for many years, but when scientists did an excavation there was almost nothing to find. Just a few broken pots. Suppose the Romans had spent their time and money on recycling, instead of just throwing stuff away, does anyone think it would have made any real difference?

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