Consumers more receptive to music and brand tie-ups

Brands are increasingly becoming an “intrinsic part” of the music industry and their involvement is a driving factor in purchase decisions, according to new research.

Topman CTRL

The Brands and Music Manifesto report by music marketing agency Frukt explores how the “relationship between brands, bands and fans will evolve” and revealed that 31% of 16 to 18 year-olds and one in five adults say music drives their choice of brand if the involvement adds value.

More than three quarters of consumers say music is an important factor in brand engagement and 86% are open to brands that enrich their experience of a product with music tie-ups such as downloads, festival sponsorships or live music events.

Frukt business development director Oliver Trethewey says there are hundreds of ways for brands to slot into the music industry and align their values with how consumers engage with music.

“Because music consumption is changing, brands are becoming an intrinsic part of the music industry,” he says.

Frukt cites Topman CTRL as an example. The men’s fashion retailer Topman to launch a platform across MySpace, its own website and social networking sites to introduce new bands and host live music gigs.

Anthony Ackenhoff, chief executive officer of Frukt says: “So much has changed since we first started working with brands and the music industry back in 2001, the trust has grown between partners and consumers alike and the research from the brands and music manifesto demonstrates this.

Entertainment retailer HMV has expanded into live music in a joint venture with venue operator Mama Group which has seen several live music venues renamed under the HMV brand.


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