Consumers see up to 41 outdoor ads a day

The newly re-branded outdoor advertising research body Route, formerly Postar, has unveiled its long-awaited out-of-home research system showing commuters view up to 74 ads per day on their journeys.

Route provides new system for measuring outdoor effectiveness.

The £19m research study, conducted by Ipsos MediaCT and MGE Data, lets brands know how many people see outdoor advertising campaigns on average.

In addition, Route’s data provides further audience insights such as age, class, lifestyle and shopping habits.

The initial findings, published this morning (26 February), reveal an average person will make eye contact with 27 roadside posters and 14 bus ads each day. Every time London commuters make a tube journey they will encounter an average of 74 ads.

Route replaces the existing Postar system for calculating outdoor advertising audiences and uses GPS travel data sourced from participants to ensure its data is “people-focused”.

The new system of recording metrics means the data tracks participants’ “hyper-local geographies” more accurately, according to Route.

This makes it possible for brands to plan by town, or bespoke geography choosing from 24 conurbations or 14 BARB areas as subscribers can now know which audience is travelling where, how, when and at what speed.

James Whitmore, managing director of Route, says: “Increasingly, time spent out of home is about understanding the routes that people take. It is about knowing the pathways of the eye. The medium is changing rapidly and we must think from the point of view of the audience, not from the position of a poster.”

Gill Reid, Co-chair of the IPAO says: “The launch of Route will allow us to take a great leap forward in proving what OOH delivers to clients across platforms and environments. Most importantly, it will for the first time put audience at the heart of OOH planning.”



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