Consumers welcome ads, says research

Consumers view advertising as a helpful way to find out about new products, while few feel there is any need for stricter Government control over advertising. The findings are according to new YouGov research commissioned by the Advertising Association.

The survey reveals that 64% of consumers find advertising a good way to learn about new products, while 59% find advertising entertaining. Half of the respondents said they had used advertising to find something they were looking for in the last six months.

It also found that there is no appetite for greater Government regulation of advertising, with only one in seven saying that the industry should receive more attention.

When asked about advertising and its relationship to media funding, 64% welcomed the role of advertising in reducing price, with some calling for more advertising to further reduce costs.

Advertising Association chief executive Baroness Peta Buscombe (pictured) says: “These results are heartening and encouraging for the advertising industry. At a time when business is very concerned about the present economic situation it will be those that stay ahead of competition during hard times who will reap considerable rewards on recovery.”


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